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English novels, Chinese and English, language learning for Hanzi Mandarin

4 books/set,180 Chinese Mandarin characters booklet cards in English ,learning chinese language for kids and baby

The Book of Chuang Tzu,Chinese traditional books for Learn Chinese Mandarin Hanzi (Chinese & English)

800 Words Chinese childrens book with pinyin English For Kids Children Learn Mandarin Hanzi

A Chinese-English Dictionary learning Chinese tool book English dictionary character hanzi

2017 New Chinese-English Dictionary learning Chinese tool book English dictionary character hanzi

A Chinese-English Dictionary learning Chinese tool book English dictionary character hanzi

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign commonly used verb V + N with research for Learning Hanzi Books (Chinese & English)

Foreigners learning Chinese language tools books starters textbook in English and Student

Happy Chinese Russian edition for learn Mandarin ,hanzi and Character ,pin yin character card

Chinese Pinyin ,Learning Pin Yin Book Mandarin Basis Language Learning Sets - Set of 1 book for children and 2 DVD

Introduction to teaching Chinese as a foreign language book for Learning Hanzi Books

New Chinese music CD book for kids songs cd Classic Nursery Rhymes Learning Mandarin hanzi early education CD,8 CDS/Set

Folk Toys book in English for learning Chinese Old Culture History Art Book Language (Chinese & English)

Conversational Chinese 301 Mandarin Six Cassette Tapes Learners Language Annotated in English

Chia-Lin Chang, Yelin Su Junior High School English Learning in Taiwan - Examining Traditional and Reform Based Beliefs about Teaching Assessment

Studies of teacher beliefs about language learning, as compared to student beliefs, are relatively less common, especially concerning English language learning in Asian countries. The educational reform movement in Taiwan encourages learning English for communicative purposes and values individual interests. However, many current in-service English teachers and parents learned English via grammar translation method and testing, which focuses on the correction of language forms. As a result, these English teachers and parents may or may not share similar views about the changing trends in English learning. A survey and an interview protocol were served as data collection instruments. Teacher beliefs toward English learning in Taiwan were fully revealed in this book. The book provides the mutual understandings between eastern and western perspectives in terms of language education.

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Chinese Painting (English and ) authentic book for learning culture traditional painting

A Course in Chinese Colloquial Idioms (English and Edition) (Mandarin Chinese)

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